Kerala backwaters: A fascinating Waterworld- Now Discover with it exclusive Kerala backwater packages.

Kerala water, one of a fascinating water world in the entire world. If you are no dreaming of exploring it someday, then you are at the right places. Now Lifemadeasy, one of the recognized tour operators in Kerala provide the travel enthusiasts one of the most Exciting Kerala backwater packages, to make them explore this wonderland in the simplest way.  Once you are here, you would witness that a major part of Kerala was build up based on the wonderful water world.  Many generations of families used to live here with the coconut farms and harvested rice fields as the sources of income. The best way to explore the secrets of these backwaters is to by availing some houseboat cruises that let your travel be truly memorable.  These wonderful itineraries are more like invitations for you to explore the best kept hidden secrets of the backwater culture in Kerala and giving you a one of a kind experience to cherish forever.

While most of the travelers who visit Kerala, go after the hill stations and other tourist hubs, the backwaters are a truly unique spot to start your Kerala trip. The natural ambiance and phenomenon that exists around those sleeping lagoons with little fascinating features and small land strips, all make it the most preserve the worthy ecological habitat of the earth. The backwaters are more like the Mother nature’s way of asking the fast human race to slow down and preserve the nature in the process.  The backwaters are also home to a fascinating eco biodiversity, and if you are lucky you can witness some of the rarest species in here. The houseboat cruise is one among the most romantic event to take up on with your beloved ones. And if you are traveling during the monsoons, you will be getting amazing deals and offers regarding the Backwater packages, which is the off season. Have a lazy day sailing along the sleeping lagoons, savoring some refreshing drinks and typical Kerala cuisines, or explore the local markets, the options are endless.

Where can you find the backwaters?

The backwaters of Kerala are mainly a network of canals and lagoons that stretch across around 900 kilometers and consist of almost 5 large fresh water lakes and 38 rivers altogether.  These makes up the largest ecosystem which adds more uniqueness to the geography of Kerala.

By taking up some marvellous Kerala backwater packages, you are signing in for a experience that is a kaleidoscope of elegant floating homes known as houseboats, the thrilling snake boat races, the rare preserved biodiversity, overwhelming hospitality, innovative agricultural communities and s simple yet so alluring culture that is a mixture of everything that Kerala holds.

There are many backwater destination in Kerala for you to experience and the most popular one among them are

  • Vembanad lake- Which is Indias largest freshwater lake that flows within the districts of Kochi, Kottayam, and Alleppey in Kerala
  • Ashtamudi lake- Which is located in South part of Kerala in Kollam district
  • Valiyamparamba and Kawayi- That is located in the North most parts of Kerala

Each of these spots has its own specialties and highlights. And the most sought after backwater packages will help you bring close to those palm fringed landscapes which can be easily combined with your  Best Kerala houseboat packages. The backwater exploration in Kerala will really give you the otherworldly experience, which is a sure to not miss while in the Gods own kingdom.

Backwaters make way for an innovative agricultural system

One of the best place to witness the fascinating agricultural communities that grow based on the fresh water lakes of backwaters is the Kuttanad. This place is full of landscapes that are filled with endless paddy fields where the coconut trees make boundaries.  is indeed a refreshing sight for the sore eyes.  The lace is home to many large farming areas which were reclaimed from the fresh water lakes and maintained by an eco-friendly farming culture. Even today these lands act as the backbone of the rice cultivation in the state. It is just not the rice, Kuttanad also grows other crops like coconuts, cocoa, bananas, tapioca, cashew nuts and so on.  The farmers here has developed a unique cultivation strategy which happens below up to 10 feet below the sea level. It is only found in this part of the world, which make it a sure to explore the site.

The Backwater agricultural experience

The Kerala backwater social and cultural history revolves around the innovating farming communities and their harmony of living with the natural habitats. As you witness the men heading out to the farms early in the morning, and later on their women for help them with sowing and removing weeds, you will get the pulse of the land and the simplicity of it.  You could also get a glimpse of some old world techniques like a wooden water wheel, chakram, which are used to help the farming processes. The duck heads floating around the water, the children riding one of those small boats like they are born to die it, all these make you fell like a travel back in time.

The ultimate cruise

Finally the usual suspect: a houseboat cruise, is the highlight of any  Excellent  Kerala backwater packages.  You would be getting all the comforts of a hotel room on the inside of those elegant floating homes, and a grand view of the countryside on the outside,  this is an easier way to forget about as the stress and mundanity in your life and spend some quality time with your beloved ones.

The houseboats that are now become a major tourism equipment once were used as a mode of transport for the agricultural goods between different towns. But today you would see that they have become the ultimate tourism hubs and have become an essential part of the ultimate Kerala experience. Lifemadeasy Holidays provides  big offers in Exotic Kerala houseboat packages price, which is really helpful for visitors.

As you sail through those serene waters, you would get a glimpse of the simple yet alluring lifestyle of the people and this would be one of a kind of experience for you.

Life Easy with Lifemadeasy Holidays


Alappuzha one of the popular tourist destination located in the ‘God’s own country’, Kerala. It’s so precious and ideal place for travelling. The gorgeous backwaters located in Alappuzha are so special and stunning to watch. Make your awesome Kerala backwaters trip to Alappuzha and experience the beauty of it through an awesome package. The beautiful Kerala backwaters are the identity of Malayala land to the external world. Alappuzha is the Venice of east and is one of the major trading ports during the ancient times, and is fabulous to enjoy the beauty of Alappuzha. The town Alappuzha is so popular for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. The pier which enlarged into the sea over here possesses 137 years old.

The Punnamada lake,Alleppey,Kerala,India.

One of the delightful experiences in Alappuzha is the stunning houseboat cruise. These houseboats travels us back to the old golden times, these are the stunning new version of Kettuvalloms. The original Kettuvalloms used widely in early times, for the major purpose to transport goods like rice, spices and other trading materials to everywhere. The Kettuvalloms also called ‘boat with knots’ because the complete boat was held together with coir knots only. The stunning houseboats come with all comforts facilities of a good hotel including furnished bedrooms, cozy living rooms, modern toilets, a kitchen and even a balcony for sightseeing. And one can always enjoy never-ending views of backwater life while keep on in a houseboat.


Vembanad Lake is one of the highly popular backwater destination situated in Alappuzha. In Kuttanad houseboats, backwaters, kumarakom bird sanctuary, Kerala style spicy foods are the major attractions. The terrific view of Vembanad Lake from kumarakom is fascinated by every traveler on cheapest Kerala Houseboat Packages. People can also see that an arching of coconut trees in the banks of the lake. Another striking attraction is ‘Kallu shap’ the local toddy shop. We can see that a number of toddy shops in Kuttanad which contains local beverage toddy produced from coconut tree and various edible kuttanadn dishes. Travelers can also taste spicy Karimeen curry, tapioca dishes, crab curry, prawns curry and appam etc.


Ashtamudi Lake is the gateway of the Kerala backwaters, the lake which located in the Kollam. In Ashtamudi different house boats are available for travelers and you can select appropriate one from the list. The view of Ashtamudi Lake is just awesome and which are feast for visitors eye. Arches of the coconut trees are the outstanding visuals of the lake, also the beauty of sunset and sunrise visuals are beyond words. Traditional Kerala style spicy foods are one of the striking attractions in Ashtamudi. You can taste various traditional foods like Karimeen pollichathu, duck roast, prawns fry, prawn curry, crab curry, tapioca and kakka, puttu, appam and idiyappom etc. The backwater trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is one of the longest and attractive routes in Kerala. You can feel purity of water throughout the trip on best backwater packages in Kerala. The town Kollam contains a list of other attractions like beach, which is also called Mahatma Gandhi beach. The white sand beach is blessed with beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Thangassery Light house is also special for visitors, constructed in early stage by British East India Company. The famous clock tower in chinnakkara is another tourist destination. The places are also blessed with amazing flora and fauna. And the eco-tourism keeps up the purity of this atmosphere very well. If you wanted to explore the actual beauty of backwaters, make to use an awesome houseboat cruise ship and be a part of the nature.

Living on floating cottages during Holidays


Kerala is a southern most part of India bounded by the Arabian Sea on the West and the Western Ghats on the East. The topography between these two boundaries varies a lot. From the coastal plains of the Arabian Sea to the undulating mountains of the Western Ghats, Kerala has a vast variety of stuff to be discovered. Kerala has a vast coastline of 580 km and the state varies from 35 to 120 km in width. Of all the districts in Kerala, Alappuzha and Kannur individually contribute to about 13.9% of the total coast line. The state capital Thiruvananthapuram comes next with 13.22% of the total coast line. A wide majority of people live in these areas and their daily livelihood is based on these waters. The rich culture and heritage of the people revolve around these waters and the lifestyle of the people depends on this. Cultivation of various crops like paddy, banana, cashew, yam and other stuff can be seen. Of all the places that undergo farming the Kuttanad region of the backwaters in Alappuzha are very special as the cultivation of paddy occurs below sea level. The lush green paddy fields along the backwaters are a wonderful sight from houseboats that ply these waters. The serene and calming effect of nature will do wonders to you.


If you check various Kerala houseboat packages price, it will depend upon the number of days you plan to stay in a place and will also depend on the houseboat facilities that you have chosen. Houseboats are available in single bedroom, two bedrooms, three or even four bedrooms. Deluxe and luxury rooms are also available. The houseboats also consist of a lobby, a kitchen, and a deck to view the beautiful surroundings. All the bedrooms are attached with bathrooms that would have all the facilities similar to what is provided in hotel rooms. There is a basic structure to these houseboats also called Kettuvalams. The hull, as the name indicates, is made of wooden planks tied together with coir and coconut fiber are stuffed in between. Then a resin from the cashew nut shells that is obtained during processing is applied over the binding ropes and the coconut fibers sealing the gaps between the wooden planks. Expert artisans are required to carry out this work and accurate calculations are needed to maintain the balance of the boat and prevent it from tilting or sinking.  The wood used is called Aanjili wood and is an indigenous material that is available here. Poles of bamboo are used to form the framework of the boat. Arecanut tree stems are also used for this. Bamboo is used for the roof in the form of split bamboo, thinned and smoothed; it is woven in to sheets and placed on the top. This material is waterproof and will last for several years. The shape of the roof will depend on the type of design used. The color and texture of the houseboat is similar to that of the bamboo poles, a mild yellowish brown which also matches with the coir used and the bamboo mats. This light color in contrast to the surrounding blue waters and lush green vegetation will make a houseboat cruise aesthetically very appealing to the viewer. The interiors vary according to the type of houseboat that you have chosen. Usually it is decorated with natural materials like coir mats etcetera. The bathrooms are tiled with all the modern amenities. There are also other options like you can select an air conditioned or non A/C one and also houseboats with huge halls are also available which can be used for conferences and parties.


Another aspect that decides the Kerala backwaters tour package price is the time you choose for the package at a particular location. Usually, Alappuzha is the number one location for backwater cruises along the Kuttanad region, and during peak season it is very difficult to get a houseboat unless you have booked it in advance. Kannur and Kasargod also offer beautiful backwater cruises which are relatively new and not heavily booked. Kavvayi- Valiyaparamba backwaters are the third largest backwaters which offer scenic natural beauty. It extends from Payannur up to Nileshwar nearly covering all the districts of Kannur and Kasargod. Most of the islands in this area are uninhabited, except for the Valiyaparamba Island where farming and fishing is the main occupation of the people here. This island separates the sea from the backwaters in this area, making its serene and ideal for houseboat cruising. LifeMadeeasy Holidays brings to you these pristine backwater cruises of Kannur and Kasargod where you can enjoy the beauty of the backwaters at its best. The second most prominent backwater in Kasargod is Chandragiri.  There is a riverside fort built by the famous King Shivappa Nayaka, who also built the famous Bekal fort. The backwater cruises will also include visit to these nearby places where you can enjoy the historic architecture present there.


When you stay in these houseboats you can get to view the simple and quaint lifestyle of the people who live on these islands. You can get to interact with them too if you like. You can also buy some groceries or fish from the floating markets and you can choose what you like to try out. The cuisine served on the houseboats will be your choice, if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. The different breakfast varieties are a must try for all those who want to eat Kerala style breakfasts. Lunch will be served in the traditional style on banana leaves and those preferring non-veg will have a special fry dish available. Desserts will also be served the traditional type of recipes like Payasam. Those who want to experience a wonderful holiday should try out the backwater cruise options in Kerala. This unique type of houseboats is a very special and artistic and is a must try out option for nature lovers. Relaxing and enjoying nature, the rising and setting sun on these backwaters will help to create memories for a lifetime.


Rediscover Kerala with Kerala Packages by Lifemadeasy Holidays


The one thing about traveling is that you would never feel you are 100% ready for it. There would be a lot of destinations you want to explore and you always makes plans to visit. But the hassles that come with planning your trip might make you want to postpone your trip every now and then. Being a passionate traveler I Kerala has been always my dream destination. And my adventure Kerala trip with Lifemadeasy Holidays was one of my best vacations ever with their Kerala packages that beats all other competition offers. Traveling with Lifemadeasy Holidays is like traveling with a true companion who knows all about Kerala. Kerala is beautiful not only because it is God’s own nation but also because of the warm hospitality of the people.  And in those three days four nights I spend there in that amazing land I could take in the true beauty of Kerala- It’s smell, its colors, taste everything. For those who are looking for the perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, Kerala backwater honeymoon valentines days packages  by Lifemadeasy holidays is a good option. You would have a romantic honeymoon in this nature’s paradise. The experience would be utterly romantic and you will have some unique memories to cherish forever


I boarded the flight from Indira Gandhi international airport from New Delhi on the second day of November 2016 at 10 Am. Even though the land of Kerala is simply green and blessed with a tropical weather throughout the year, The best seasons to visit Kerala is winter. That is the months of November-March.  Being arrived at Kochi international airport around 2 PM, one of the finest and youngest airports in the country, we got welcomed by Lifemadeasy Holidays representative who was a great support and an experienced professional who made it a memorable time for us throughout our journey. We stopped for lunch at some finest restaurants. It was a surprise throughout our journey, every restaurant we visited had amazing Kerala cuisines as well as international


Our first destination was Munnar.  I fell in love with the place at first sight itself. The drive to the amazing hill stations of Munnar was scenic. On the way, we enjoyed the view of Cheyyapara and Valara waterfalls and endless tea gardens etc. We reached our place of stay “The Whispering Meadows” around 6 PM and were totally surprised ti see the clouds hugging the valley of tea plantations. It was an amazing view to watch. It was getting dark very quickly. Again we were overwhelmed by the warm hospitality of the hotel staffs who made our stay there memorable and pleasant. The staffs were really cordial and the prices were within your budgets. Next day, after enjoying a fulfilling breakfast, we headed out to enjoy the dazzling destinations in Munnar including Flower Garden, honeybee tree, photo point, Mattupetty, and Kundala dam, Anamudy hills, Echo point, Iravikulam national park and Blossom Park and so much more.  The elephant ride and the boating in the dam water were amazing.


After checking out we proceeded to Alleppey, the most sought after backwater destination of Kerala to not only to relax in a luxury Deluxe houseboat but also learn how they keep it so beautiful. We did spend 21 pleasing hours in a luxury deluxe houseboat in Vembanad lake and it was a unique experience. Enjoying the freshly cooked meals as we made the way along those stunning channels was wonderful. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem where you can witness a diverse variety of birds, animals, flora and fauna.We also had a chance to witness the day to day life of village people here. Every house has a boat. And every person there –both young and old row these small boats. There is water, water everywhere and there are endless paddy fields where coconut trees making the boundary. As the sun sets over the fields, people, birds all retire for the day.  The simplicity and serenity of this journey will leave you relaxed and forget about all your tensions and stress.


After breakfast, we proceeded to Cochin.  Our last day was memorable with the tour through the vibrant city of Kochi was amazing. We could witness all those marks left by the Dutch, Portuguese, British and all in this Gateway to Kerala. Even though you will have guided sightseeing daily to all those places you visits, the package provides means to explore and feel a prat of the places you visit by yourself. There are both economical and Kerala houseboat tour luxurious packages that will adjust to your budgets. It can be the most promising trip to make you take a break from the regular stress of life and get yourself lost into the solemn and soulful aroma of nature. So give a break t o your chirping phones and start your journey to this wonderland of India.

Best of Kerala Backwater Tourism


Kerala is the land of abundant beauty and has a lot to offer. From the serene backwaters to the majestic hills and the mesmerizing waterfalls to the lush green forests in the Western Ghats, every place in Kerala is blessed with natural beauty making it a must visit site for tourists. The backwaters form the coastal plains of Kerala which is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the east. The land on this coastal side of Kerala is broken down in to small islands and it forms a kind of border which prevents the high waves of the Arabian Sea and reduces its currents into smaller and calmer waters, hence making these backwaters easily traversable by the common man. Boats were initially used to traverse these water ways to reach out far off inaccessible places, but now with the advent of roads and vehicles, a sharp decline in these boats occurred. In order to boost this dying industry, this boat services was commercialized into a house boat cruise service and the tourism industry promoted this venture on a very large scale. A Perfect Kerala houseboat packages were included by the tourism industry to allow tourists to select the type of tour packages that they would like. The house boats of Kettuvalams as they are called have many options like they are either Single roomed, double or triple roomed along with a kitchen, lobby, a dining room and crew room. You can select a tour package according the number of rooms that you require and also the number of days that you plan your stay in each place. The houseboat packages usually involve staying in the house boat and visiting all the tourists’ spots in the vicinity.


The Kettuvalams are made from Wood tied with coir and other indigenous material which is eco-friendly. Other materials like pipes and tanks are covered with natural products to provide an aesthetic beauty to these boats. The tour packages can be booked from a single day up to a seven day package. The single day tour offer will be from 12.00 noon to 10 am the next day. Guests would be welcomed with a natural drink like tender coconut water and would be able to feast on the sumptuous lunch of traditional dishes and payasam (Kerala puddings). After a brief afternoon nap, tea would be served by 4 along with some light snacks. Dinner is at 8pm. With a good’s night rest floating on these boats, you can wake up to witness the beautiful sunrise sitting on the deck of your houseboat. Breakfast will be served at 8.30 and you could check out at 10. If you prefer a vegetarian diet and have any kind of food specifications then it’s better to inform the tourism office beforehand. Also any specialties like a specific catch can also be included in your menu, as per your choice.


The houseboats are all designed to accommodate certain luxuries like bathrooms and recreational activities. Even houseboats with a huge hall can be booked by people in large numbers, if they want to conduct a conference or a party. These packages are also available for a single day for those who prefer not to stay overnight. The day packages will include arrival in the morning at 9.00 followed by some refreshments. Lunch is served at 12 noon with special items of your choice. Tea at 4.00pm followed with some snacks and you can depart from the boat at 500pm. The famous Kerala backwater packages will differ from place to place. There are more crowded places at Alappuzha and less crowded places at Kasargod. Hence booking these houseboats on season and off season have different rates.


The monsoon season also offers different kind of packages, a view of the nature around during monsoon is a splendid sight and if you can view this from your houseboat it is a breathtaking spectacle. The backwater of each place has beautiful scenery of its own and hence experiencing this sight is a must if you choose a backwater package. One of the best features of staying in a houseboat, is you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature all around. But there are also other activities that you can pursue like fishing. You can also get to eat your prized catch. Kayaking along the small water channels will give you a glimpse of the simple lifestyle of the people along these backwaters. You can indulge in some shopping of local vegetables which are brought along tiny boats and you can also visit a few nearby locations. Any famous temples or Museums along the way can be visited if you plan your itinerary beforehand. The houseboats are docked up at night from 8pm to 6am to prevent any mishaps of flowing into the sea. Choose a backwater package to enjoy the best of Kerala.

Kerala houseboat destination for Honeymoon


Taking a vacation on the beautiful coasts of Kerala is a visual treat. Being one of the southernmost states of India, Kerala, with its vast coastline, is nestled between the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. The Malabar region forms the northern part of Kerala comprising of Kasargod, Kannur and Kozhikode districts. These three regions have resplendent natural beauty and a cruise along the pristine backwaters here during your exciting Kerala Houseboat Packages will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Kasargod Backwaters

The Punnamada lake,Alleppey,Kerala,India.

The houseboats were previously known as Kettuvalam and were used to transport goods between remote villages. But with the advent of roads, this service got redundant. The use of these boats has turned into commercial purposes like tourism and makes Kerala one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Staying in a houseboat will provide you the luxury of a five-star resort as well as ample opportunities to explore the region around. The best check-in time at the boathouse will be 12 noon and you will be provided with refreshments like tender coconut water. Lunch will be served by 1 – 2 which include delicious fish curry (usually pearl spot) Karimeen curry, rice (staple diet of people in Kerala) and various other side dishes. Evening tea and snacks will be provided by 3.30 and you can take a short trip to some happening places around the area.


One of the best tourist spots in Kasargod includes the Bekal Fort. It is the largest fort in Kerala that still remains intact and is taken over by the Archeological survey, Government of India. The fort is around 300 hundred years old and was built mainly for defense purposes. Kottancheri hills are another tourist spot in Kasargod that is a change from the plain regions and is a descent into the hills. A lush landscape, Kottancheri offers us with beautiful grasslands, wildlife as well exotic birds. A visual treat, Kottancheri does not have a night stay and can only be visited as a picnic spot. Kasargod has many religious centers that can be visited during your stay in the boat house. One such famous temple is the Ananthapuram Lake Temple, the only lake temple in Kerala. The deity is Ananda Padmanabhan or Lord Vishnu seated on the serpent God Adishesha. Kasargod also has beautiful beaches like the Bekal beach, Kappil beach and Kanwatheertha beach.

Kannur Backwaters


Kavvayi kayal is the next best backwater destination in the Malabar region. About 80-kilometers from Kasargod, Kannur is a place which has everything available from beaches to religious shrines, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, cultural centers and authentic Ayurvedic centers. Unlike the backwaters in south Kerala which are overcrowded, those in Kannur are pristine and unexplored, offering you a quiet and tranquil houseboat experience. Distinct to south Kerala beaches, the number of tourists in this area will be much less and will provide you with a private beach like feeling.  Payyambalam beach is the most popular beach in Kannur. Scenic boat rides along the harbour called Mappila Bay is one excellent way to enjoy. Muzhappilangad is a world-class drive-in beach which is the first of its kind in Kerala. Dharmadam Island is close to Muzhappilangad, and during low tide, you can walk to this island through the sea.


Theyyam is a colorful folk art form that is performed in Northern Kerala. It’s a ritual form of worship performed before the village shrine or in houses as ancestral worship with elaborate rites and rituals, held in the months from October to May. Aralam wildlife sanctuary is one beautiful place to visit. Parassinikadavu Snake Park houses a variety of snakes like Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, Russell’s viper, Krait and other Pit vipers. A huge collection of non-venomous snakes like pythons are also there. Pazhassi Dam is another tourist destination at Kannur that is a must visit.

Kozhikode Backwaters


Kozhikode backwater tours offer picturesque scenes of nature at its best. Along with its coastline, the true countryside life of the local people can be viewed and the lush greenery of the location along with its rich fauna is really mesmerizing. Another enchanting view of these backwaters is the lush green paddy fields that run along its sides can be seen with the best Kerala Backwater Packages. A significant spice trade center also dubbed as the ‘City of Spices’ was a major trading point for eastern spices. The mystic aromas of spices from the spice plantations will engulf your senses. Famous tourist destinations in Kozhikode include the Kappad beach where Vasco da Gama first landed. Kozhikode beach also offers various beach activities like Dolphin viewing at Dolphin point. Parasailing, fishing and sunbathing and shopping at the near markets and emporiums. A few other attractions here include Thikkoti lighthouse, Beypore and Mananchira square.


The Kettuvalams used for these houseboats are held together with coir knots. Not a single nail is used, and the pieces of Jackwood are tied together with coir. Then it is coated with a caustic black resin made from boiled cashew kernels. With care and maintenance, a Kettuvalam can last for generations. The Kettuvalams are covered with bamboo and coir and separate rooms for restrooms and kitchen are provided. With a few modern amenities, these houseboats are made luxurious. Care has been taken to only use nature products when building these Kettuvalams and solar panel is used for lighting purposes.


Another rich feature which has been passed down from time immemorial is Ayurveda. It is a rich tradition of healthcare system that involves the body, mind and spiritual growth of an individual. Ayurvedic spas, massages, and other features are offered to tourists who want to try out the different aspects of Ayurveda. Spending time on the houseboat can be really magical where you can enjoy the countryside view of the local villagers along with the rich flora and fauna that nature has to offer us during your amazing Kerala Backwater Packages. Floating along the cool backwaters at night with the moon shining in the night sky the experience on the houseboat will be a memory for a lifetime.


Kerala Backwater tourism with LifeMadeasy Holidays

Kerala Backwater tourism with LifeMadeasy Holidays

A honeymoon amidst the calm backwaters under the well-lit moon on the cool winter night with the soothing wind touching the heavenly beauty of nature what every couple would dream of for their honeymoon! Kerala is an ideal location for a honeymoon that equals to a paradise. Kerala is contained with enchanting connections of canals running and cutting across each other and then arriving at the seas. All these lagoons, canal, deltas forms by these numerable rivers arrive at the Arabian Sea cutting across various landforms, nourishing the mesmerizing land of Kerala.


In these huge channels of a backwater, a majority are navigable and commercially occupied by the tourism authority. Exclusive Kerala backwater packages let you explore the entire beauty of these magical backwaters and the villages on the banks of these canals. While enjoying the ride in the specially equipped houseboats that take you through these captivating villages, tourists can explore the unending beauty of Kerala and its delicacies. Travelers can hire houseboats for a day or even for a night. The boathouse contains all modern facilities of a five-star hotel. The boathouse mainly contains a bedroom and a living some sit out as well as deck where one can enjoy the beauty from up there. The kitchen contains all the cooking utensils and prepares freshly cooked food for the guests.



Tourists from all over the word, come to experience the impeccable beauty of Kerala with the special Kerala houseboat packages. These houseboats are like the window to the flawless beauty of the villages and the long stretch lagoons that connect various cities in Kerala. These lagoons were the trade route in Kerala in the earlier years. The easiest way to reach out to places was by means of water transport. The Kettuvelloms, which are now the houseboats, were how trade connections were established and executed in the olden times. Even now many kinds of trades like the coir industry still make use of these large boats to move coir and other goods from one place to another. Other than Kettuvelloms one can spot other boat services that are mainly used by people for their daily purposes.

Vembanad Lake


Tourists can witness and learn more about the olden days of trade and practices that were adopted then in Kerala by visiting in Kerala houseboat tour packages. Experiencing the Vembanad lake which stretches across three major cities, would be an interesting option to discover the joy of sailing in these enticing beauty of lagoons. Being closer to the major city of Cochin, and easily accessible from the airport, Vembanad Lake is an easy option for any tourists. The long stretches of coconut trees that border these calm channels are an interesting option to spend a day. The houseboats take tourists across these connected islands and lakes to witness the enchanting beauty of Kerala.

Comforts of Houseboat


The best part of taking up houseboats is that one can save time in traveling and enjoy the intimidating wonders of the land. The calm backwaters also contain many mobile shops who sell item depicting the culture and tradition of Kerala one can even visit the temples of Kerala located on the banks of these rivers. Houseboats are well equipped to meet the comfort of anyone. The well-kept rooms are well maintained and comfortable for tourists. The houseboats are an awesome way of enjoying the nature from the lake. The soothing air and the calm lake is an interesting way to spend the holiday amidst nature. In backwaters the snake boat race is an attractive one, not to be missed. The long snake-like boats cut across the rivers and strong row men, help the boat push across the river is an interesting watch. The boat races are accompanied by many colorful festivals in the state. The boat race festivals occur at the time of Onam, harvest festival and one of the main festivals of Kerala which many tourists enjoy. On sailing in these backwaters, bird lovers can enjoy spotting various kinds of birds, even migratory ones, on the islands. The flock of birds visits the island and is one of the spectacular watches. Monsoon season is spending in houseboats, with the chitter-chatter of the rain drops falling on the roofs of these houseboats.

Lots of tourists especially ones on honeymoon prefer to opt for houseboat packages in Kerala, to enjoy their exclusive honeymoon stays. The specially designed holiday packages for honeymoon couples lets them enjoy their time with each other in the comfort of the houseboats watching the elegant beauty of the bewitching backwaters. The houseboats facilitate elegant lifestyle with the Ethnic and traditional touch letting the tourists experience the joy and comfort at the same time. The deck of the houseboats is an ideal way to spend the evening enjoying the sip of a perfect tea with some exclusive Kerala snacks. Couples can enjoy the elegant beauty of nature, as well as try their hands at fishing too. The lake is a storehouse of a variety of fishes and one can enjoy a variety of seafood cuisine and other delicacies exclusive to Kerala.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation


Another elegant feature of enjoying a holiday on a houseboat is the numerous kind of seafood you can enjoy during the stay. The houseboat contains all the comfort of a home at an affordable price. The food is exclusive seafood with all variety of fishes available. These houseboats also offer exclusive Ayurveda spas for tourists who look for a comforting Ayurveda rejuvenation. The houseboats ambiance is a perfect spot for enjoying a break away from the city. The homely ambiance makes everyone fall in love with nature and nourish with a peaceful mind. The traditional style maintained in the kettuvellom architecture always attracts many tourists. The cruise takes through the enticing beauty of nature, which any nature lover will fall in love with repeatedly. On traversing on these lakes, tourists can even spot many smaller boats that are used for personal purposes.

Astamudi Lake


Astamudi Lake is yet another magical backwater that nourishes the luscious land of Kerala. The lake spreads across the land of Kollam, another spectacular place to visit on your Kerala houseboat tourism packages. All these packages also include sightseeing of the cities in Kerala. Alappuzha is very famous for its backwater tourism. The elegant backwaters cutting across villages famous for coir making and the coconut palm stretch lands. These interlinking estuaries, canals, deltas are peace giving that it attracts thousands of tourists to these magical backwaters. The boating gives an insight view of the various cultivation and the traditionally famous temples. The cultural heritage of the state can be witnessed in these festivals of Kerala.

Resorts with Houseboat Packages


Resorts in Kerala offer many tourists with a stay at the resort with packages for enjoying the houseboats too. The boating experience is a unique way getting to know the rhythm of the villages. Cruising through the mind-blowing beauty of the villages where one can spot many people working in the market, doing their household chores and some fishing etc. The unique experience will bring out the simple life of the villagers in Kerala. Any season is the best fit for visiting the backwaters. Families on vacation also equally enjoy the boat ride. The natural habitat of Kerala makes the routes of these canals spell bounding. Enjoy the blissful beauty of Kerala witnessing a variety of flora and fauna at the comfort of a houseboat will be an exquisite holiday experience.